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Just Meditation
The Book

This book cuts through the jargon to explain clearly what meditation is, how it works and why it matters. It may not be the only book about meditation out there, but it's the only one you really need!

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Just Meditation
Online Sessions

Why not try one of our free weekly online drop-in sessions? All sessions follow a simple and inclusive format, which is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience alike.

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Hi, I'm Nicholas, and meditation has been a central part of my life for over 25 years. Join me on the only journey that was ever worth making and change your life today!


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What is Just Meditation?

Just Meditation represents a distinctive approach to the learning and practice of meditation, through drop-in sessions, courses, workshops and training for meditation facilitators.

Just Meditation is independent and inclusive. It neither promotes nor rejects any particular tradition or worldview.

Just Meditation is simple and accessible. It is everyday meditation for everyone.

Just Meditation is just meditation.

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Meditation is often something we do in order to resolve a problem.

If we can understand why we feel the need to do it, we are half way to establishing a regular practice that will change our lives forever.

"In this short introduction to Just Meditation I am not only going to tell you how to meditate, but also why it will change your life."

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