Calmness, Clarity and Compassion

When we think about why we meditate, one of the reasons is because we expect to gain some benefit from doing so.

Those benefits could be many and varied. Indeed, it is common to see meditation promoted with long lists of all the issues meditation will resolve, whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

And sometimes, those claims can seem a little exaggerated...

I prefer, as always, to keep things simple. Instead of reeling off long lists of specific conditions that meditation might (or might not) resolve, I prefer to emphasise a smaller number of key benefits to meditation practice (which also happen to include many of those specific issues as well).

These are: calmness, clarity and compassion.

So, I’d like to suggest that rather than getting hung up on trying to list all the specific issues that meditation is supposed to resolve, we focus instead on three transformational outcomes.

Three things you will notice in your life if you persevere with the practice.

Three really important changes that others might also notice in you.

In this video, I explain how and why meditation helps us to develop these valuable qualities, in the hope that this will encourage you in your practice. 

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