An Introduction to Just Meditation

I started Just Meditation in 2014, because I felt there was a need for an approach to meditation that was independent and inclusive as well as simple and accessible.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s say you hear something about meditation that makes you think you’d like to give it a go. What are your options?

You could sign up for a mindfulness course. But decent ones tend to be quite expensive, and with the recent explosion the popularity of mindfulness for everything, the quality of instruction can vary quite considerably. I know some really good, well-qualified mindfulness instructors who have undergone extensive training and have a great deal of experience. And I know people who have just done a short course, possibly not even a teacher’s qualification, and who do not have any kind of personal practice themselves but are basically just jumping on a bandwagon.

I don’t like to be too critical, but unfortunately it’s true.

Or maybe you could attend a Buddhist Centre? There are quite a few Buddhist groups in most countries now, many offer free drop-in sessions, and they are usually very welcoming. But however inclusive they may try to be, there is no avoiding the religious dimensions of Buddhism. Most places will want to offer some teaching based on Buddhist beliefs, in the hope that you might want to get more involved. And that’s entirely understandable. It’s what religious groups do. All of them. It doesn’t matter what the organisation is: if it is in any way faith-based, then at some point there is the expectation that casual enquirers might become committed subscribers.

And that might be what you want. But many people will be put off by it.

So, what if you just want to learn how to meditate? Or you just want to practice with a group of other people who just want to meditate?

Without lots of complicated jargon. Without having to buy into a belief system.

Now your options are rather more limited. In fact, they’re extremely limited.

That’s why I felt there was a need for an approach to the learning and practice of meditation that was ideologically neutral, a space in the meditation world that wasn’t part of some other organisation, whether that be a Buddhist group, a church, or some version of Yoga-Vedanta.

At the same time, I’ve always recognised the value of learning about and from the wisdom of various traditions, in a way that can be inclusive of all of the above, but without prioritising any one position over another. Personally, that’s an approach that I’ve found helpful. But I accept that whilst some people might be interested in that kind of stuff, others aren’t. So I try to maintain a balance, not promoting any particular tradition or worldview, whether religious or secular, whilst at the same time, not trying to deny that these practices do actually come from somewhere, and that might be interesting.

That’s why I started Just Meditation, and it’s also why I founded the Newcaslte Meditation Centre, which during it’s short-lived existence before having to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, was the UK’s first independent high street meditation centre.

Anyone can participate in a Just Meditation session, no strings attached. And the beauty of it is that we can have people of different faiths practising together, and sitting side-by-side with atheists and agnostics as well. And if someone wants to go deeper into some particular tradition or teaching they can. And if they don’t want to they don’t have to.

It is my firm conviction that meditation can be taught to almost anyone - and that almost anyone can benefit from it - without the need to use a lot of technical jargon or Sanskrit terminology. That’s why Just Meditation is simple and accessible, independent and inclusive. In short, it’s just meditation.

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