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Everyday Meditation for Everyone

Sometimes we just need to stop, take time out, put things into perspective and regain our sense of balance. Sometimes we just need to do nothing, and instead simply be. This has always been the case, but now it would seem to be more important than ever. That’s where meditation comes in.

Meditation is more than just a tool to help us cope better with the stress of modern life (though it will do that). Meditation is about the cultivation of awareness: taking a step back from ourselves, gaining some balance and perspective, and seeing things the way they are rather than as we think they should or shouldn’t be.

This book explains how meditation can help us to live life more fully, with calmness, clarity and compassion. More than just a ‘how to’ manual, it is – above all – a book about why meditation matters.

About the Author

Nicholas Buxton is an experienced meditation teacher and retreat leader, having studied and practised extensively within both Buddhist and Christian traditions. His previous books include The Wilderness Within: Meditation and Modern Life (Canterbury Press, 2014), and Tantalus and the Pelican: Exploring Monastic Spirituality Today (Continuum, 2009).



"This is the most readable book on meditation I’ve yet read (..) packed with useful insights and advice, as well as material to encourage self reflection. It’s the only meditation book I’ve found so far that I really didn’t want to finish." Mark

"This book is invaluable for anyone new to meditation as well as experienced meditators. It is a book to be read and re-read as a means to support our meditation practice." Ruth

"This book is great for learning about meditation without being tied to a religious or devotional practice. It explains the 'whys, hows and whats' of meditation in simple terms giving the beginner a complete understanding and outlining everything one needs to know to just get on with it!" J Price

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Other Books By Nicholas Buxton

“an exceptionally well written book aimed at those interested in exploring Christian meditation.”

“an accessible and thoughtful book for those looking to discover a new dimension in their spiritual life.” 

“Written in an easy to digest style (...) combines pithy reflections on contemporary issues with imaginative biblical reflection whilst drawing on the ancient mystics.”

“an absolute gem of a book… not so much a how-to-meditate as a why-to-meditate book. In this regard it is one of the best I have come across. It is quite simply superb!”

“I found this book to be a deeply satisfying read. It deals intelligently, clearly and humanely with a number of important spiritual issues, and it made me think. About faith, about doubt, and – dare I say it – even about God. I highly recommend it.”

“Sensitive and perceptive... It is also very readable… Stretching out to what is of ultimate value is tantalising; a book about it must inevitably be incomplete, leaving us wanting more. Good books do that.”

“I can warmly commend the book as ‘spiritual reading’ in itself, as it is thoughtful, interesting, researched, well-written, original and accessible.”

"a carefully crafted and intelligent book, weaving together a number of themes."

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Audio Books

The Wisdom of the Desert, Wise Studies, 2018.


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All titles available now in paperback and kindle from Amazon