The best time to start meditating is... NOW!

Have you heard something about meditation that makes you think you'd like to try it, but you’re not sure how?

Is there some issue in your life, a problem or a question, that meditation might help resolve?

Have you already had a go at meditation and now find you're at a point where you want to learn more?

Are you an experienced meditator already, but looking for a different approach or a new group to practice with?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then Just Meditation is for you!

Kick-start your practice today!

Let me tell you the simple, practical steps you can take, right now, to learn to meditate, so that you can build a regular practice and start reaping the benefits of meditation that will literally change your life for ever.

In this workshop I will explain what meditation is, and why it matters, before leading you into a short meditation practice.

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Everything you need to begin your meditation journey. Right now!

In this free Just Meditation Workshop, I've distilled years of study and practice into a simple, accessible and inclusive method, that I call 'Just Meditation' (because that's what it is!)

  • SIMPLE because there's no need to complicate things.

  • ACCESSIBLE because anyone can do it.

  • INCLUSIVE because there is no need to buy into any kind of belief system.

Just Meditation is just meditation: Everyday Meditation for Everyone

Take control of your life today!

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